Monday, February 28, 2011

Doors and Windows

I have had a strange fascination with doors for as long as I can remember. I love to photograph them...color, B/ doesnt matter I just love to find a interesting one to photograph. On one level we have all the symbolism of a door. It is what keeps the elements and strangers out, it guards us and our home, but it is also what we open to let in; those we love, a stranger, fresh air...

I am sure as this blog continues you will find more doors and windows on my page. I hope you enjoy the images

    Antique  store, Galena, IL 6/2010

   At President Grant's first home, Galena, IL 6/2010

    Church door, Galena, IL 6/2010

    First National Bank, Downtown Fort Myers, 2/2011

Why the Tao of Photography?

It could take a life time to try and explain the "meaning" of the Tao. Most dictionaries translate Tao as  meaning road, path, way, means; While the doctrine  of Taoism is generally used to indicate the unseen, underlying law of the universe from which all other principles and phenomena proceed.

For me, photography is a road, a path into that unseen beauty of our world. A great photograph should move you....evoke an emotion within the viewer. For me, I try to push the envelope of what our eyes see. Bright vivid colours with intense saturation, deep contrast, or extremes in lighting is what moves me.

I hope you enjoy my photos...and all comments are is how I improve. Thanking for visiting my little end of the universe, and make sure to visit my other blog Top Chef Amateurs for some great recipes!!